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How Long To Cook Salmon In The Oven At 425 Degrees?

How Long To Cook Salmon In The Oven At 425 Degrees

Salmon and their cousins, trout, have been a favorite meal of mine since I was a child. A trout stream ran behind my home and I spent several summers catching fish for family dinners. My family prepared trout and salmon in several different ways but the simplest method was oven-baked. And the best part is […]

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How Long To Cook 1 lb Meatloaf At 400 Degrees?

I have been blessed enough to travel across the United States over the past few years. I love trying new foods from different places but there are times when I become homesick for southern cooking. The one item I can usually find anywhere that reminds me of my Georgia home is meatloaf. I have had […]

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How long to cook homemade pizza at 450 degrees Fahrenheit?

Pizza is one of my all-time favorite comfort foods, but sometimes it can be expensive. So I prefer to make my own pizza right at home! It cuts the dinner bill in half, and is just as good as it would be if it were delivered! I also like to be able to add that […]

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How Long To Cook Pork Shoulder At 300 Degrees?

I am a follower of several social media groups dedicated to barbecue, smoking, grilling, etc. The most common question that pops up in the comments section is “time and temperature, please?”. I will attempt to give the most concise answer as is possible to one such question. How long to cook pork shoulder at 300 […]

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How Long To Cook Brussel Sprouts At 425 In Oven?

Brussel sprouts are one of those vegetables that people either love, or hate. Here is the thing though: many people who “hate” them last tried them as children. My mother always boiled brussel sprouts and I ran from them. As an adult, I discovered that if you bake them, they can be amazing. When done […]

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