How Long To Bake Tilapia In Oven At 350?

Oven-baked tilapia is a delicious and nutritious dish that is easy to make and pairs well with many side dishes. I love to cook tilapia at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For the best result, it is a must to have a tight control over the cooking time for the tilapia to avoid under-cook or over-cook situations. Now you are going to ask this. How long to bake tilapia in oven at 350 degrees? In this post, I shall reveal my answer and other tips for the best oven baked tilapia fillets.

How long to bake tilapia in oven at 350 degrees?

It takes 25 minutes to bake tilapia fillets in oven at 350 degrees. At the end of the bake time, the fillet should be opaque, juicy, flaky, and come off easily from the bones. Since fillets differ in size and weight, relying only on the recommended cook time is not safe. You should test the fish with a fork to determine its doneness. Poke the thickest part of the fillet with a fork at 45-degree angle. If it flakes without giving resistance to the fork, it’s ready.

What are other temp to cook tilapia in the oven?

A popular temperature for baking tilapia is 450 degrees. You must be extremely careful when choosing this temp because it cooks the fish really fast. It takes just 5 minutes to cook tilapia in the oven at 450 degrees per side. Hence, you have to fully concentrate on the baking so that you can flip the fillet and remove them from the oven at the right amount of cook time. A tilapia cooked at 450 degrees comes out crispy and golden on the outside and extra succulent on the inside. Usually cooking at high temperatures in the oven will cause meat to become dry. But in the case of tilapia, it takes a short time to get cooked so the short exposure to the heat source will not cause all the natural juices to evaporate. Another temperature you can try is 300 degrees. In about 40 minutes, your tilapia will get ultra tender and flaky. There will be no rich crispy crust though.

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Which is the best cooking temperature for tilapia in oven?

Tilapia is best cooked at 350 degrees. With this temperature, you enjoy a balance of crispy exterior and fall-apart tender interior flesh. Moreover, given the moderate cooking pace, you find it easier to control the fish doneness. If you prefer a thick and golden-brown crust, you should go for the higher cooking temperatures of 400 degrees and higher.

Recipe for cooking tilapia in the oven

I like to follow this recipe to cook tilapia in the oven. This produces the best result for me.

  1. If your tilapia is frozen, put it aside at room temperature and let it thaw. Do not bake it frozen or cold as it will lead to a longer and uneven cooking.
  2. Place the fillet in a baking dish and season with salt and pepper. You can’t go wrong arranging some veggies around the fish to make it absorb their flavors while cooking. We recommend you to use halved-sliced cherry tomatoes, green olives, garlic cloves and fresh oregano. Drizzle some olive oil over the seasoned fish and toss it into the oven.
  3. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. After 12 minutes of baking, flip the fish on other side. Test with a fork to see if the fish flakes. Remove from the oven, let it rest for 10 minutes and serve with lemon wedges and your other favorite side dishes.

How to cook tilapia in oven fast?

Wrap tilapia in aluminum foil

A surefire way to make tilapia cook faster is wrapping it in aluminum foil. This concentrates the heat inside the foil around the tilapia fillet, resulting in a faster and more even cooking. If you are a fan of super tender fish with moist and silky texture, this method is your go-to.

Broil tilapia

If you want a crispy outer coating for your tilapia, use the broiler. Bake the fillets at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, then broil them for 4-5 minutes. Do not broil for too long as it will burn the fish and dry out the moisture within the fish.

Sear tilapia before baking

Another method is to sear the tilapia in the frying pan for 2 minutes per side, then bake it until it gets flaky and opaque white. Avoid searing if you wish to stick to a healthy diet.

What to serve with tilapia fillets?

The best side dish to pair with tilapia is rice. It’s rich in carbs and completes the protein-packed fish. Add some fibers in the form of veggies and you’ve got a delicious and well-balanced meal. We also suggest you to serve tilapia with a corn casserole. The sweet and creamy corn will combine excellently with the savory fillets. If you don’t have the desire to cook a complicated side dish, go for the classic baked potatoes. There is nothing easier than slicing the potatoes, seasoning them and tossing into the oven. A generous coat of parmesan cheese added after baking is done will make a huge difference in the way potatoes taste and blend with the fish. In fact, cheese goes a long way in enhancing tilapia. Mac and cheese, melty cheddar tomatoes, and cheesy zucchini are other side dishes that look incredibly good alongside mild-flavored tilapia fillets.

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FAQs for baking tilapia fillets

How long to bake tilapia in oven at 400 degrees?

It takes 15 minutes to bake tilapia fillets in oven at 400 degrees.  A tilapia cooked at 400 degrees will have an thick crispy exterior with tender juicy meat inside.

How much tilapia per person?

My family loves tilapia fish. So I normally prepare 8 ounces of tilapia per person. 1 average-sized tilapia measures about 8 inches and is about 1 pound.  So, this is the equivalent of 2 average-sized tilapia for 4 adults.  But I normally prepare 3 tilapia per meal for my family of 4 person as I want to have 1 extra tilapia for my family to have second helping.

Are tilapia good to eat?

Yes, tilapia are good to eat. My family loves them. They have tender and firm meat with a sweet flavour. I find it taste best when baked at 350 degrees in the oven.

What internal temperature should tilapia be cooked to?

The tilapia should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. You can measure this with a meat thermometer. This temperature should be taken at the thickest part of the fish since it takes longer to cook.

When is tilapia cooked without using meat thermometer?

If you do not have a meat thermometer at hand, you can test it using a fork. Poke the fork at the thickest part of the fish. If it flakes easily, then the fish is cooked. Visually, the cooked tilapia will turned opaque when done. But for better accuracy, using a meat thermometer is recommended.