How Long To Bake Sweet Potato Fries In Oven?

Most people you ask will tell you that nothing’s better than some perfectly cooked fries, but it’s time to show some love and appreciation to their equally delicious counterpart, sweet potatoes. Sweet potato fries are not only delicious, but they are also a lot healthier for you as well, especially when baked in oven. The right combination of oven temp and cook time for your sweet potato fries gives you the best results. A popular question that I often hear is this. How long to bake sweet potato fries in oven? Let’s cover this in this post as well as tips to perfect the recipes for homemade sweet potato fries baked in oven.

How long to bake sweet potato fries in oven?

How long to cook sweet potatoes fries depends on the oven temp used. I like to set the oven temp at 400 and 425 degrees Fahrenheit. So let’s talk about the cooking time for these 2 oven temperatures and the result you will get.

How Long To Bake Sweet Potato Fries At 400?

At 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it requires a cooking time of 35 minutes to bake sweet potato fries in the oven to get mouthwatering results. This combination of cook temp and time gives you a golden brown fry that is lightly crisp on the outside and soft in the middle with a sweet and salty combination. The perfect sweet potato fry will have a slight crunch on the outside that you can hear in every bite. You don’t want to cook it for too long or else you might get a dried-out and burnt fry. Make sure to use 400 for 35 minutes to ensure you get a sweet potato fry that can rival all of its competitors.

How Long To Bake Sweet Potato Fries At 425?

If you like your sweet potato fries to be crispier, you can use a higher oven temp at 425 degrees F or higher. It takes 25 minutes to bake sweet potato  fries in the oven at 425 degrees. Higher temperatures tend to draw out moisture faster, which can result in grainy or dry sweet potato fries. So watch the cooking time for your fries to make sure that they are not overcooked.

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How to make sweet potatoes fries soft?

To avoid having the crisp on your sweet potatoes fries, you can use a lower oven temperature such at 350 degrees. This will take a longer time of 50 minutes to cook your sweet potato fries. However, the fries will not have any crisp and can retain more moisture, thus giving you soft sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are hard before being baked, so make sure you leave them in long enough to bake all the way through and soften.

What temp to cook sweet potatoes?

The best temperature to use when making sweet potato fries is 400 degrees. For sweet potato fries, you don’t want the temperature to be too low, or else you won’t get crispiness on the outside. If the temperature is too high, they will dry out quicker and potentially burn. Baking at 400 degrees is the perfect way to guarantee a perfectly cooked sweet potatoes fries in a quick time. Use whatever temperature works best for you, but 400 is a great place to start at.

How to make sweet potato fries in oven?

Oven baked sweet potato fries  are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. They add such a unique and delicious quality to so many meals. There are many recipes for baked sweet potato fries. However, I only like to use this one easy sweet potato fries recipe. And here’s how to make sweet potato fries in the oven.

1 Get ingredients

Go to the store and buy a sack of sweet potatoes, olive oil, cornstarch, seasonings, and parchment paper.

2 Cut sweet potatoes into fries

Grab about 6 sweet potatoes, peel them, and cut them into 1/2 in. sticks.

3 Add seasoning for sweet potato fries

Place the fries in a bowl and coat them in a thin layer of olive oil. Add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and mix before adding some seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, etc.)

4 Arrange

Place a piece of parchment paper on a large baking sheet. Evenly spread the fries on the sheet.

5 Bake

Set the oven to 400 degrees F. Once the oven is heated, place the sweet potatoes inside and bake for 20 minutes. Take them out and flip them to cook the other side as well. Continue baking for an additional 15 minutes. Take them out again and let them cool. Enjoy!

How to cook sweet potato fries fast?

Although sweet potato fries don’t bake for very long,  the cooking time to prepare everything might still seem daunting on a low-energy day. So here’s are some tips on how to cook sweet potato fries fast.

Stock up ingredients

Start by having all the ingredients you need at home to save you a trip to the store. Most ingredients can be stored for a while without going bad, but sweet potatoes only last about 4 days in the fridge, so make them quickly.

Precook and freeze sweet potatoes

The real time saver comes from freezing the already cooked sweet potato fries. Cook up as many batches as you can and store them in a freezer bag, they will last up to 6 months frozen before going bad.

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Use convection

If you need to cook the sweet potatoes fries fast, use the convection feature in the oven. The convection will force hot air to circulate around your fries and make them cook faster.

How to make sweet potato fries crispy?

If you love extra crispy sweet potato fries, here are some tips that can help you achieve the result.

Dry the sweet potato fries

Moisture will hinder the fries from getting crispy. So make that they are pat dry before you apply the seasoning.

Apply cornstarch

Cornstarch are essential for the extra crispiness. The cornstarch will absorb any remaining moisture found on the fries and expand the fries a little before forming the crispiness.

Use high oven temp

The higher the oven temp, the crispier the sweet potatoes fries. However, the drawback is that the high heat will dry out the moisture inside the fries really fast, resulting in a dry and hard fries. To counter this, use a dual temperature approach. First cook the sweet potato fries for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, then bake at 425 for 5 minutes. This will give you a sweet potato fries that is soft inside and crispy on the outside.

What goes well with sweet potato fries?

Dipping sauce for sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries are great on their own. However, you can really up the flavour by dipping your sweet potatoes fries in the sauce of your choosing. If you want a sweeter taste, try teriyaki sauce. If you want something spicier, use some hot sauce for dipping.

Spice for sweet potato fries

If you like some more spice with your sweet potato fries, add a little Cajun on top to get that extra kick.

Parmesan cheese for sweet potato fries

You can also melt cheese over the top of your fries to make some cheesy sweet potato fries if you would like.

What to serve with sweet potato fries?

Sweet potato fries are great on their own, but they are even better when paired with the perfect dish.  Nothing goes better with sweet potato fries than a delicious and juicy turkey burger. The combinations of savory, salty, and sweet come together to create a perfect meal.  Fries are excellent side dishes with many types for meats. You can also eat them with riblets, lamb chops or chicken cutlets to make a fancier, but still tasty dish.


Just have fun with the cooking process and enjoy a dish that is healthy and delicious at the same time.