How Long To Cook Ribeye Steak In Oven At 400?

If you’re thinking of having steak night with some good friends and family, then you’ve come to the right place! A piece of steak as your main course will always be everyone’s favorite part of the meal! Any steak part is irresistibly amazing. One of my favorite parts would always be the ribeye. There are many ways to prepare the ribeye steak. My favourite is to bake it in the oven at 400 degrees. The cooking time for a ribeye steak is really fast. So the control over the timing is crucial to obtain the right doneness. So how long to cook ribeye steak in the oven at 400 degrees? In this post, I like to talk about this and some tips for perfecting the recipe for cooking ribeye steaks to mouth-watering perfection!

How Long To Cook Ribeye Steak In Oven At 400 Degrees?

It should take  no more than 15 minutes to cook ribeye steak in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The ribeye steak cook time will depend on its thickness. Ribeye steaks that are around 1-inch thick need 10-12 minutes while steaks that are around 1.5 inch thick need 12-15 minutes at most.

What are other temperature to bake ribeye steak in the oven?

If you choose to cook your ribeye steak longer, you can lower the temperature to around 350 degrees. However, for steaks, it’s always better to cook it at higher temperatures to prevent overcooking and to have that perfectly soft and delicious steak goodness. For this, 450 degrees would be best. 450 degrees is just the right temperature that can turn your ribeye into that soft and tender steak. But, of course, checking your steak’s internal temperature would always give you the safest and most certain answer! The internal temp should be around 130 degrees for a rare ribeye steak, 135 degrees for medium-rare, 145 degrees for medium-well, and around 160-165 degrees for well done. Now, it’s up to you to choose how cooked you want your steak to be!

How to cook a ribeye steak in the oven?

There are lots of ways to prepare your rib-eye!  I particularly like this recipe to cook the ribeye steak in the oven.

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1 Pat it dry

You first pat your meat dry. Otherwise the moisture will affect the browning process when you sear it.

2. Add seasoning to the ribeye steak

Mix a good amount of salt, garlic powder, and pepper in a bowl and marinade the ribeye steak with it. You can also add some spices like garlic, parsley, chives, and basil to spice up the taste.

3 Sear the ribeye steak

Before popping it in the oven, it’s best to first sear your steaks on a very hot pan in some butter or oil just enough for both sides to brown. This allows the steak to have that beautiful shine on its skin.

4. Bake

Then, you can finish it off in the oven for around 8-10 minutes at max. Stick a food thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of the ribeye steak. Remove the steak from the oven once it hit the internal temp of your desired doneness.

How to cook ribeye steak fast?

There are two things good about steak: one, it’s wonderful and everybody loves it, and two, cooking it doesn’t take so much time. But, if you’re in a real big hurry, here are a few things to make things faster.

  1. Thaw it – Before you start to cook your steak, it’s better to thoroughly thaw your meat beforehand, at least an hour before cooking would do. Not only will this make things quicker, but it’s also going to let your meat cook better since cold meat will be going against your supposed-to-be hot oven or grill!
  2. Use the Pan – Fully cooking your ribeye steak on the stovetop instead of the oven may be a much quicker option. As soon as you get your oiled pan very hot, it only takes around 3-4 minutes of cooking on each side to achieve that beautiful brown meat that’s even more beautifully medium-rare on the inside.
  3. Flip and Flip – With a really hot source of heat like charcoal, you can also choose to grill your ribeye steak while flipping it fast. For this, you just keep flipping your steak every 30 seconds or so and this lets the meat cook faster without ruining its beauty.

Tips for a better ribeye steak recipe

I’m sure we all agree that steak is such a heavenly dish even on its simplest, and most bare self. But, I’m also sure we all agree that taking it up a higher notch is so much better! And, here’s how.

Check your meat’s fat

Some ribeye cuts have a thick piece of fat on the side. This usually becomes really chewy and hard, so to make your ribeye better, you can just slice off and discard this part of the meat.

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Pat it dry

Let’s emphasize making sure that your meat is dry before cooking it. Removing that extra moisture from the steak will help in both the browning of your steak and allowing it to cook a lot more even!

Herbs and Wine

A good way to season your rib-eye is with some wine + beef broth sauce and/or some garlic, parsley, chives, and basil.

Oh, pro tip: If all of your guests are adults, steak is best enjoyed with red wine as it goes really well with ribeye steak. So, serve that too!


That’s all you have to know about ribeye chop! There’s just no going wrong with steak, especially rib-eye. All you really need is your seasoning skills and getting the ribeye cooking temperatures right. Well, I hope this has raised the stakes for steaks (yes, pun intended!) and it can help make your steak night the best steak night, you and your friends and family have ever had! Enjoy your steak!

FAQs on Baking Ribeye steak

Is ribeye steak good and tender?

Yes. Ribeye steak is really good and tender. This part of the meat is not heavily used by the cow so the meat is really tender. It also comes with a lot of fat content which gives a lot of flavor to the steak.

Where does ribeye steak come from?

The ribeye steak comes from the rib area of the cow. It is a cut of meat from the center of the rib area.

How many ribeye steak in a cow?

There can be a total of 6 pieces of 0.5 pounds ribeye steak from a cow. But there can only be 2 ribeyes in a cow. One from each side of the rib. There is why it is so expensive.

Does ribeye steak come with a bone?

Ribeye steak usually doesn’t come with a bone. But a ribeye steak with bone-in taste better as the bone gives more flavor to the steak.

How much ribeye steak per person?

I normally serve 1/2 pound of ribeye steak per person without the bone. This portion is sufficient to fill the stomach.

Why is my ribeye steak tough?

The ribeye steak will turn tough when it is overcooked. To avoid overcooking the meat, place a food thermometer and monitor the temperature so that it will not exceed 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond that, the result will be terribly tough.