How Long To Cook Spiral Ham In Oven At 350?

Celebrating holidays call for special meals that can uplift the people’s festive spirit. And for that, the spiral ham will always be your answer! Even if it isn’t the holidays, spiral ham is still such a great meal to prepare and enjoy! The best temperature to cook spiral ham in oven is at 350 degrees. Now you may ask this question. How long to cook spiral ham in oven at 350 degrees? In this post, I like to answer this and share some tips to perfect your festive spiral ham!

How Long To Cook Spiral Ham In Oven At 350?

It takes 10-12 minutes to cook spiral ham in the oven at 350 degrees per pound. Since most, if not all, spiral hams are already pre-cooked and you just have to heat them through, you don’t have to let them bake for too long. Most spiral ham cuts are sold for 8-10 pounds. So if you’re baking the whole thing, that would take just around 80-110 minutes. Of course, pre-heating the oven to the same temp for a few minutes is still needed before putting the spiral ham in.

Which is the best spiral ham cooking temperature in the oven?

Since it’s already pre-cooked, you may also prefer to heat it at a lower temperature for a longer time to allow the ham to absorb the glaze that you may add to the ham. For this, you can heat the spiral ham at a temp of 250 degrees, and that would take around 15 minutes per pound. However, heating the ham at a higher temperature is not really recommendable. That may just lead to overcooking and drying out the ham instead of getting the saucy, tender meat it’s supposed to have.

So, an oven with a cooking temp of around 325-350 degrees is best for baking spiral ham. Also, make sure that the ham’s internal temperature is not any more or less than 140 degrees, to make sure it’s heated to ham perfection!

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What are other ways to cook spiral ham?

Since spiral hams are already pre-cooked, many just either choose between baking or slow-cooking them. For baking the ham, you simply have to preheat an oven at 325 to 350 degrees and pop the ham in there for 10 minutes per pound. While for the slow cooker, you can cook it on low for 4-5 hours or at high for 2-3 hours, while glazing it every 30 minutes to let the flavors seep through. You may also choose to deep fry your ham if they come in slices! Deep frying the ham at around 7 minutes per pound creates a crispy crust on the outside that’s also very delicious and enjoyable! Prepping and cooking ham may be simple and easy. But serving this scrumptious course will be every guest’s happiness.

How to cook spiral ham in oven fast?

In cooking spiral ham, the beauty lies in the patience of waiting for it. But, if you’re in a celebratory rush, here are ways you can quicken the process and keep the spiral ham cooking time shorter.

Raise the cooking temp

Raising the temp will definitely let your ham heat faster. However, again, there is a greater risk of overcooking and drying out your meat. So, if you choose to raise the temp to around 400 degrees, make sure to be more attentive to your ham!

Section the meat

Instead of simply popping the whole thing in the oven, you may section the ham into smaller parts as you cook it, to let the heating become more even and faster.

Bake a day before and reheating spiral ham

Some choose to bake their hams a day before the actual celebration or dinner to quicken the process. If you choose to do this, you’ll only have to do a quick reheat of the ham slices on the actual celebration day which is definitely faster to do.

Making your spiral ham better

Spiral ham will always definitely be a fan favorite in every holiday feast! But, here are more tips and tricks that will undoubtedly make your spiral ham unforgettable and legendary that people will keep wanting for more!

Add glaze for spiral ham

Some spiral ham brands already come with a pre-made glaze that you can simply pour and glaze in the ham. But, another option is to make your own simple yet classic glaze with some brown sugar and apple cider vinegar, or a glaze with some onions, broth, and wine for a more intense flavor.

Cook spiral ham covered with foil

Another tip to cook your spiral ham to perfection is to cover it tightly with aluminum foil while it’s in the oven. The aluminum foil traps the steam and heat inside the ham which allows it to remain moist, juicy and tender once done.

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Add side dish for spiral ham

Spiral ham is not complete without side dishes that allow it to shine even more. So what goes with spiral ham? A few beans and potatoes are sides that will not go wrong in serving your ham with and will make your festive dinner complete to absolute perfection.


Now that we’ve covered all the basics for preparing your ham, I’m telling you, there’s no going wrong with spiral ham! I hope this can help take your celebration to another level and make every feast with your loved ones memorable and worthwhile! Happy eating!

FAQs on Baking spiral ham

How much spiral ham per person?

I always prepare 0.5 pounds of spiral ham per person.  But I like to prepare extra 1 pound for every 6 persons for their second helpings when I’m entertaining guests. So for example, if I have 6 person, I’ll prepare an extra 1 pound and serve 4 pounds. If I’m entertaining 12 persons, then I prepare 8 pounds in total.

Is spiral ham already cooked?

Most spiral hams are sold precooked. If it is not, you can find cooking instruction on the label to have them cook thoroughly.

How to cook spiral ham without drying out?

The best way to avoid spiral ham from drying out is to cook them in the oven at 350 degrees or below. Cooking spiral ham at high temperature is more likely to lead to over-cooking and drying out the ham. Cooking spiral ham at lower temperature will prevent this and at the same time, allow the ham to have more time to absorb the seasoning flavors.

How long to cook a 10 lb spiral ham?

It takes 100 to 120 minutes to cook a 10 lb spiral ham in the oven at 350 degrees. The spiral ham cooking time per pound is 10-12 minutes. So if you have less or more, just adjust accordingly. For example, for 12 lb spiral ham, it will be 120 to 144 minutes. For 9 lb spiral ham, it will be 90 to 108 minutes.