How Long To Roast Brussel Sprouts In Oven At 400?

Oven-baked brussel sprouts may not be your favorite dish until you have the first bite. They are crispy, tender and outrageously delicious both when served on their own or combined with an iconic appetizer or main course. The temperature I love to use is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s important to control the cooking time of the brussel sprouts as you don’t want to end up with overcooked sprouts which will taste really bad. So how long to roast brussel sprouts in oven at 400 degrees?  In this post, I like to share the answer to this question and tips for the best homemade roasted brussel sprouts.

How long to roast brussel sprouts in oven at 400 degrees?

It takes 30 minutes to roast brussel sprouts in oven at 400 degrees to make them delightfully tender and caramelized. If you want them firmer and crunchier, roast them for just 25 minutes. A foolproof way to check brussel sprouts that they are cooked is to pierce them with a fork.

What are other temp to bake brussel sprouts in the oven?

You can also bake brussel sprouts at 375  degrees in the oven for 35 minutes. The final result will be richly caramelized and tender sprouts that melt in your mouth. Another possible cooking temperature is 450 degrees F. It’s the perfect choice if you prefer the sprouts to be crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. Toss the sprouts in the oven  and roast them at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. At this high temperature, it is important to stir the sprouts halfway through as it helps to prevent the sprouts from getting too charred and bitter. It’s not a good idea to slow cook brussels sprouts at 250 or 275 degrees because they will turn out moist and mushy. If you want to hear that pleasing crunch with every bite you have, roast them at high temperatures in the oven starting from 375 degrees F.

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Which is the best cooking temperature for brussel sprouts?

After numerous tests, I find that nothing beats the brussel sprouts roasted at 400 degrees. The fabulous combination of crispiness and tenderness you find in each bite makes you fall in love with this veggie and start baking them for every occasion. The cooking time is just right as it allows us to prepare this dish as an appetizer or a super fast side dish. The 375 degrees option is also a nice choice, yet it renders the sprouts less crispy. But if you like your brussel sprouts to be extra soft and just a bit golden, 375 degrees is your go-to.

Recipe for roasting brussel sprouts in the oven

Here’s the recipe for roasting the brussel sprouts in the oven.

  1. Remove the damaged and wilted leaves from each sprout. Then trim off the solid stem because it won’t turn tender no matter how long you cook it. But avoid cutting the whole stem as it will make the leaves fall apart. It’s highly recommended to cut the sprout in half vertically. The created flat surface increases the contact area of the sprout with the sheet pan. This way, it cooks faster.
  2. Arrange the sprouts cut side down on the baking sheet in one layer, leaving a small space between them. The space is important because sprouts release much juice while baking. If they are crammed, the juice can’t evaporate which hampers caramelization and renders the veggies moist and unappetizing in the end.
  3. Sprinkle the sprouts with salt, pepper and olive oil. If you want to add a fancy touch to your sprouts, season them with your favorite aromatic herbs.
  4. Bake the brussel sprouts in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. When the sprouts are cooked, they will appear lightly charred. You can also test them with a fork. Once baking is done, remove them from the oven and enjoy straight off the pan or serve with other dishes.
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How to cook brussel sprouts in the oven fast?

The best method to speed up the baking process of brussels sprouts is to cut the sprouts in half and roast the cut side facing down. If you want it to be faster or do not want to cut them, you can turn on the convection feature in your oven. This will circulate the hot air around the sprouts and cut down the cooking time for the brussel sprouts.

What to serve with roasted brussel sprouts?

There are many ways to enhance the taste of brussel sprouts. You can cover them with a generous coat of freshly chopped herbs like parsley, rosemary and thyme. Dipping them in balsamic vinegar or teriyaki sauce will also do the trick. Additionally, you can blanket the sprouts with parmesan cheese as you remove them from the oven. Let the cheese melt for a couple of minutes then enjoy. Aside from these easy dressing tips, there are a myriad of recipes that pair well with roasted brussel sprouts from meat and pasta to rice and beans.