How Long To Bake A Bundt Cake At 350?

You can find so many delicious desserts in the bakery section of a store, but the star of today is the Bundt cake. Store-bought cake can be good on occasion, but making a Bundt cake from scratch is more rewarding and flavorful. The soft buttery texture of a homemade Bundt cake is hard to beat. If you want to try making this dessert at home,  you can bake it in the oven. The temperature I like to use is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. So, how long to bake a bundt cake at 350 degrees? Let’s talk about this and the tips to make a homemade bundt cake in the oven to get soft and buttery results.

How Long To Bake A Bundt Cake At 350?

At 350 degrees Fahrenheit, this takes 55 minutes to bake a bundt cake in the oven. At the end of the baking session, you can expect a delicious vanilla-flavored cake that is soft and buttery in texture and filled with flavor. Bundt cakes are typically a little denser than regular cakes, but they are equally as good. If your cake was cooked correctly, it should be golden brown with a little bounce to it. Make sure not to leave it in the oven for too long or else it will dry out and burn. Don’t take it out too early though or else you could risk eating raw batter.

What are other temperatures to cook a Bundt cake at?

If you want to experiment with other temperatures, start by increasing or decreasing in intervals of 25 degrees. Baking at a higher temperature of 375 degrees will cook your Bundt cake faster, but it will dry out a little. Cooking at 375 degrees isn’t the worst option, but due to Bundt cake already being a bit denser, you want to retain all the moisture you can get.

If you bake at a lower temperature of 325 degrees, you will have to wait longer to eat, but the cake will be moist. Lower temperatures are always a better option to consider when a moist Bundt cake is a priority. It really just depends on your preference. If you want to eat quickly and you’re fine with a drier result, use 375 degrees. If you want to take your time to help retain the moisture, use 325 degrees.

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Which is the best baking temperature to make bundt cake?

The best oven temperature to use when baking a Bundt cake is 350 degrees for a few reasons. This temperature helps to ensure quality results in a decent amount of time. Cooking for too long can dry out your Bundt cake and make it hard to enjoy. Using too low of a temperature will increase the time you have to spend making it. Baking at 350 degrees is the perfect option to use when you want a tasty Bundt cake without sacrificing the taste and adding unnecessary time.

How to make a bundt cake from scratch at home?

Bundt cake isn’t at the top of the list for most people’s favorite dessert, but it definitely should be. This cake is great for every occasion, so here are all the steps you need to make this sweet treat at home.

1. Get ingredients

Go to the store and buy eggs, flour, sugar, milk, almond extract, vanilla extract, butter, baking powder, salt, and a Bundt pan.

2 Make the bundt cake mix

Start by mixing 1 1/2 cup of butter and 1 1/2 cup of sugar into a medium bowl. Once mixed, add 2 1/4 teaspoons of baking powder and 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt to the butter and sugar. In a separate bowl, start to combine 3 cups of flour and 6 eggs. Add each egg one at a time until they mix with the flour before adding the next. Combine the mixtures in each bowl and add 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract and 1/4 tablespoon of almond extract. Finally, add 3/4 cup of milk in. Mix thoroughly.

3 Pour bundt mix into bundt pan

Grease your Bundt pan with any remaining butter to prevent sticking and pour in your batter mix.

4 Bake

Set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place it in the oven and let it bake for 55 minutes. Once baking is completed, take out your bundt cake and flip it over on a baking rack. Let it cool for 30 minutes before adding any extra ingredients you like. Enjoy!

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How to make bundt cake fast?

Having to wait 55 minutes before you enjoy your Bundt cake can feel like an eternity. You’ll be happy to know that there are a few tips you can use to speed things up a little bit. Not all of the ingredients will last indefinitely, but make sure to stock up on the ones that do. Having to take a trip to the store will end up wasting a lot of time, so keep as many ingredients at home as possible. Once you have everything you need, cook your Bundt cake and prepare to freeze it. Few dishes freeze as well as Bundt cake does, just make sure to wait until it cools and wrap it well. Bundt cake will last about 3 months in the freezer, so make sure to enjoy it before then.

What goes well with bundt cake?

If you want to enjoy Bundt cake in its simplest form, that’s totally fine, but there are plenty of ways to make this dessert even tastier.

Bundt cake flavoring

Start with the flavor of the cake itself. You can make it any flavor that you want. It can be strawberry, chocolate, or even blueberry flavored depending on the ingredients you decide to add.

Bundt cake toppings

There are also ways to make this dish better once it’s cooked as well. Once your Bundt cake is cooled, sprinkle some powdered sugar over the top or add some frosting for extra sweetness. You can also include some diced fruit or a scoop of ice cream to add a colder contrast to your warm slice of Bundt cake.


How you enjoy your dessert is up to you, add a lot of different ingredients or keep it simple. Hopefully, you now have the information you need to make your own homemade Bundt cake.