How Long To Bake Chicken Parmesan At 375 Degrees In Oven?

Oven baked chicken parmesan is my husband’s favourite dish. The chicken parmesan cook time and temp are key to a delicious result. A popular question that I get is this. How long to bake chicken parmesan at 375 degrees in oven?  Let’s cover this in this guide and other tips for perfecting the recipe for cooking chicken parmesan in the oven.

How Long To Bake Chicken Parmesan At 375 Degrees In Oven?

It takes 25 minutes to bake chicken parmesan at 375 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven. Baking chicken parmesan at this combination gives you a juicy and tender chicken parmesan that goes great with almost any side dish. This is a great temperature to use to keep moisture in the chicken parmesan from cooking out, while still making sure the chicken meat is done in a reasonable amount of time. If the oven is too hot, the chicken will be dry, if it’s too cold, it will take forever to cook. Using 375 degrees is the perfect middle ground to get delicious and quick chicken parmesan.

What are other temperature to cook chicken parmesan in oven?

There are plenty of other temperatures that you can cook chicken parmesan at while still getting pretty great results. Cooking chicken parmesan  at 350 degrees will take a longer time of 35 minutes for the chicken meat to get cooked, but you can expect moist and tender chicken parmesan . So, if you have some time to spare and are okay with waiting a little longer, cooking at 350 degrees is a great option to consider using. You can also cook chicken parmesan at 400 degrees for a quicker baking time of 15 minutes if you’re in a rush. Just know that cooking at a higher temperature will result in a drier chicken breast. The moisture cooks out of chicken faster if the temperature is too high, so only consider this option if you are in a hurry to eat and don’t have the time to wait.

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Which is the best chicken parmesan oven temp?

The best chicken parmesan oven temp to cook at is 375 degrees for 25 minutes because of the tender and juicy results you end up with. For a meal like this, you definitely want to take your time to prepare it. You don’t want to cook at too low of a temperature because it will take too long to be ready. Plus, if you rush it, the chicken meat might not be baked all the way through. If you bake it too high, you run the risk of having dry chicken that’s hard to cut into and even harder to chew. Cooking at 375 degrees is the perfect temperature to guarantee moist chicken parmesan without having to wait too long to get it.

How to cook chicken parmesan in the oven?

Chicken parmesan is an easy and mouth watering dish that’s great to eat on any day. There are many recipes for cooking chicken parmesan in the oven online. However, there’s this one easy chicken parmesan recipe that I stick to. And here’s how to cook chicken parmesan in the oven.

1 Gather ingredients for chicken parmesan

Go to the store and grab these ingredients – chicken breasts, olive oil, seasonings, marinara sauce, and parmesan cheese.

2 Add seasoning

Coat the chicken in olive oil and season both sides.

3 Arrange

Grab a baking pan and lay down foil or parchment paper. Place the chicken breasts on the pan spaced out evenly.

4 Bake

Set the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake for 20 minutes. Take it out. Place marinara sauce then parmesan cheese on the top. Put it back in the oven and bake for another 5 minutes. Take it out and enjoy!

How to cook chicken parmesan fast?

Another great thing about chicken parmesan is that it can be easily frozen once cooked. Keep all your ingredients on hand so that the only thing you’ll need to do is re-heat the chicken meat. Once you get a craving for some delicious parmesan chicken, go ahead and grab a cooked chicken breast out of the freezer. This means that you only have to worry about heating it up since it’s fully cooked already. Preparing large batches of the chicken beforehand will help to take off at least 10 minutes of cooking time.

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What goes with chicken parmesan?

The best way to make chicken parmesan tastier is to make sure you seasoned it well enough. A bland piece of chicken can end up making the meal not be as good. But don’t go over the top though. Just season it well enough to add some great flavor. You can make your meal better simply by adding some seasonings here and there, but if you are looking for a couple delicious side dishes for chicken parmesan, try adding pasta. Fettuccini or angel hair pasta will go great with chicken parmesan. So will potatoes. So pick your favorite side dish to serve with chicken parmesan.


Now that you have all the information you need to make a mouth watering chicken parmesan meal, grab the ingredients and see for yourself just how good this dish really is.