How Long To Bake Brownies In Oven?

Grab yourself a baking pan and get ready to make one of the most delicious and enjoyable desserts ever, brownies! I love brownies so much, they are sweet, gooey, and chocolatey all in one. This fudgy and sweet dessert is great for any occasion, but to get mind-blowing results, you have to bake it correctly. If you want to make the best brownies you’ve ever had, you have to bake them in the oven at the right temp with the right cook time. Many people ask this question when first making brownies. How long to bake brownies in the oven? And what temperature to bake brownies? In this guide, let’s talk about this and tips on the recipe for homemade brownies baked in oven.

How Long To Bake Brownies In Oven?

How long to bake brownies in oven depends on the temperature used. I prefer to bake brownies at 325 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. So, let’s talk about the cooking time for these temperatures and the result you can get.

How long to bake brownies at 350?

At 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it takes 30 minutes to bake the brownies in the oven. With this oven temp and baking time, you can expect a soft and fudgy brownie that is dark brown and full of sweetness in every bite. The top of the brownie will have a crackly texture while the inside should be moist and gooey. The edges typically bake faster than the middle does, so you should expect them to be a little bit harder. This is completely normal and does not mean that you made a mistake, plus, some people like a bit of crunch on their brownie.

How long to bake brownies at 325?

If you prefer a more moist brownies, you can use a lower oven temperature of 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking at 325 degrees Fahrenheit is going to take 45 minutes to bake the brownies to perfection. Though it takes longer, you can expect to get a moist and delicious brownies.

What are other temperatures to cook brownies in oven?

Baking temperatures of 325 or 350 degrees are typically the best temperature to use, but you can increase or decrease if you are looking for slightly different outcomes. If you are short on time or want drier cookies, you can increase to a higher temperatures. With a higher oven temp, you can look forward to eating your brownies sooner, but they might not be as moist. Don’t get me wrong, they will still be soft, but they might not be as fudgy at this temperature. Higher temperatures naturally draw out moisture, so be prepared to lose a little if you bake higher. You can also lower the oven temp but this involves a long cooking time. However, you can retain more moisture in the brownies. If you prefer a moist brownies, you can consider lowering the oven temp.

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What temperature to bake brownies at?

The best brownies oven temperature to use  is 350 degrees if you want the tastiest results. This temperature can guarantee fudgy and moist brownies in a fairly quick amount of time without sacrificing quality or taste. Too high of a temperature can lead to dry, hard brownies, and too low will take longer to bake. Using 350 degrees is the best temperature if you want mouthwatering brownies in a reasonable amount of time.

How to make brownies from scratch in the oven?

This dessert can be a home run for every occasion. It could be a quiet night in or a large party of friends, brownies are a perfect choice. There are many brownies from scratch recipes on the internet. But I only like to use this easy brownies recipes to bake these sweet treats. And here’s how to make brownies from scratch in the oven.

1 Get Ingredients.

Go to the store and buy flour, sugar, salt, brown sugar, eggs, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, butter, baking powder, and parchment paper

2 Make the brownies mix

Start with combining all of the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Measure out 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of brown sugar, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon of salt, and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and mix. Once the dry ingredients are mixed, begin to add the wet ingredients.  Add 3/4 cup of softened butter, 4 eggs, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract into the bowl. Mix everything well

3 Arrange

Line a 9×13 inch pan with parchment paper.  Pour the brownie mixture into the pan and shake a little to release any trapped air bubbles.

4 Bake

Set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place the brownies into the oven. Bake them for 30 minutes. Take them out and check to see if it’s baked all the way through. If you insert a knife in the middle and it comes back clean, it’s cooked. If not, continue baking in 3-minute intervals. Once it’s fully cooked, enjoy!

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How to make homemade brownies fast?

Brownies are the kind of dessert that you want to eat as soon as possible, so keep reading to learn a few tips that can help to speed up the process for you. Most of the ingredients for this dish have a long shelf life, so make sure to keep them stocked in your house for when you need them. Since store-bought eggs only last a month or so in the fridge, decide on a time to make the brownies to avoid your eggs going bad.

If you have all the ingredients at home already, another way to save time is to freeze the brownies. You can freeze the brownie mixture, but I recommend freezing brownies that have already been baked. You can freeze the whole pan or cut them up into pieces for easy access. When you’re ready for a brownie, just let them sit at room temperature for a bit or reheat them in the oven or microwave for a few minutes.

What goes good with brownies?

You might be thinking that there’s no way to possibly make brownies any better than they already are, but you’d be surprised.


If you want to change up the taste of the brownie itself, try using different flavorings like caramel or cinnamon to mix it up.


One of my favorite ways to make brownies better is by adding some walnuts to them. This adds a nutty flavor to accompany the chocolate while also introducing a new crunchy texture to the brownie.

Brownies toppings

You can also add more ingredients to the top of your brownie to make it taste even better. Spray some whipped cream or place a scoop of ice cream on the top to take it to the next level.


The last way to make this dish better is to add chopped strawberries on the side to include a little natural sweetness in your dish.


Brownies are delicious in any form, so have fun getting creative with this classic dessert. I hope this guide has been useful to help you make these sweet little treats.