How Long To Cook Brats In Oven At 350?

Bratwurst is an item that is never left out at grill parties. However, they do not necessarily require a grill. We can make baked brats in our oven too.  Baked brats are as delicious and irresistible as grilled brats. And most importantly for an amateur cook, they are easy to make. The temperature that I like to use is 350 degrees. The cooking timing is crucial here. So how long to cook brats in oven at 350 degrees? In this post, we like to reveal the answer to this question as well as some tips for cooking bratwurst.

How long to cook brats in oven at 350 degrees?

It takes 20 minutes to cook the brats in oven at 350 degrees. Make a point of flipping the brats over after 12 minutes of cooking. In result, you will get plump and succulent sausages that resemble the grilled ones. Use the instant-read thermometer to check the bratwursts for doneness. They should hit 160 F inside. Since the size of brats differ, relying on the recommended cooking time alone is not reasonable. You would be much safer using the thermometer in the course of cooking to see how close the brats are to 160 F.

What are other temperatures to bake brats in the oven?

When you are hungry, every minute of waiting for the meal to get ready seems an eternity. So if you can’t wait to finally have a bite of your beloved brats, set the oven to 400 degrees. Roast them 10 minutes on one side and 5 minutes on the opposite side to cut down the cooking time by 5 minutes. You will also end up with a slightly crispier and browner top. You won’t be mistaken if you cooked the bratwursts in oven at 250 Fahrenheit either. The flesh comes out juicy and tender while the skin is pale brown and less crunchy than the skin exposed to 400 degrees. Make sure, though, you are patient enough to wait for 45 minutes until the sausages are ready.

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Which is the best temp to grill bratwurst in the oven?

When it comes to brats, we would like to emphasize two temperatures that in our opinion give the best results — 350 and 400 degrees. Besides making the brats outrageously tasty, they provide a fast cooking time. So in maximum 20 minutes you pull off a fantastic dish for your family or guests. We don’t want to set you against 250 F, as the brats come out extremely juicy after being slow cooked. The main drawback of this temperature is that the sausages take long to cook. But if time is not a problem for you, you can confidently go for this option.

How to cook brats in the oven?

Here’s the recipe to cook brats in the oven.

  1. You can use either a baking sheet or a casserole dish for brats. Line the sheet with parchment paper or tin foil.
  2. If baking sheet size allows it, cook some veggies along with the brats to make the dish more aromatic and filling. Place the veggies closer to the edges of the pan. Leave the center of the pan, which is the hottest one, to brats. Sprinkle some olive oil over the veggies and season them as desired.
  3. Bake the brats at 350 degrees for 12 minutes, then flip over and let them cook for another 8 minutes. When you open the oven to turn the brats, stir the veggies to make sure they roast evenly. Remove the brats and veggies from the oven at the same time. If you are adding some thick vegetables, like potatoes, it may take longer to cook.

How to cook bratwurst fast?

A bit of broiling can help the brats to get ready 2-3 minutes faster. After 12 minutes minutes of baking on both sides at 350 degrees, broil them for 3-5 minutes. Another method we recommend you to try is covering the casserole with a lid in the course of cooking. In this way the hot steam will not escape the pan and contribute to a faster cooking while keeping the brats moist.

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What to serve with bratwurst?

You can stick to some traditional German dishes to make your bratwursts better. They include sauerkraut, kartoffelsalad and spaetzle. Also, you can try to pair the brats with a fresh cucumber salad with cucumbers, red onions and sour cream as main ingredients. It’s both healthy and filling. Baked beans, roasted vegetables, and corn on the cob are other amazing sides that multiply the goodness of oven-cooked bratwursts. Don’t forget to put a generous amount of mustard or barbecue sauce on top of your brats to make them more savory and pleasurably tasting.

FAQs on cooking bratwurst

What should the bratwurst  internal temperature be when done?

The bratwurst should reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit when done. Since the brats have relatively short cooking times, try to stick the instant-read meat thermometer at least 5 minutes before it is done to monitor the temperature.

What is bratwurst made of?

This type of sausage is usually filled with minced pork. It can also contain beef or veal.

What is the difference between bratwurst vs frankfurter?

Both Frankfurter and bratwurst are sausages and make from minced pork, beef or even veal. And they are both originated from Germany. The differences lie in their size. Brats are bigger and thicker than frankfurter.

How long to grill brats in oven at 425 degrees?

It takes 12 minutes to cook the brats in oven at 425 degrees. This high temperature will give you extra crispy brats.