How Long To Cook Burgers In Oven At 400?

When bad weather doesn’t allow you to grill burger patties, you can turn to the oven. Oven-baked patties are full of flavor and impressively tender. I love baking burgers at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. But how long to cook burgers in oven at 400 degrees? In this post, I like to share the answer to this question and a recipe for the best oven-baked burgers.

How long to cook burgers in oven at 400 degrees?

It takes 20 minutes to cook burger patty in oven at 400 degrees. This helps the meat to achieve a medium-well doneness and reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees F. If you want the patty to be firmer and less juicy, let the burger bake for 25 minutes to reach  an internal temp of 155 degrees F. If medium rare is your goal, allow the meat to cook for 15 minutes. Since burgers differ in size, you are good to use a probe thermometer to ensure the burger comes out just as you like.

What are other temp to grill burgers in the oven?

While 400 degrees F renders the patty crispy and brown on the outside, you may want to get it even crunchier. For that, place the burgers in a oven at 425 degrees F. This temperature does a great job crisping up burgers to a mouthwatering crust. The meat turns out pleasingly tender and juicy, balancing out the bold crust. It will take 15 minutes to bake the burger patty in the oven at 425 degrees to reach a medium-well cook. We recommend you to bake it on a rack so that it sits slightly above the baking sheet. In this way, the heat will circulate under the patty, cooking it more evenly. Also, it will eliminate the need for flipping. If you are not a fan of crispy and crunchy, you can bake the beef patty in the oven at 350 degrees F for 25 minutes to make it outstandingly succulent and tender. The exterior will be smooth, moist and almost the same color as the interior meat.

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Which is the best cooking temperature for burgers in oven?

If we were to choose the best temperature for baking burger, we would point to 400 degrees. This is a perfect option for those who love their burger to be crispy, tender, juicy and flavorful at the same time. This godly combination can be delivered only by 400 degrees F. Other temperatures mentioned are also good. Yet they don’t provide that perfect balance we have talked about. That is, 425 degrees comes with an extra rich crust and this would be more popular among crunchy food lovers. The 350 degrees option delivers a moist patty that would appeal better to those who love juicy burgers without the crispiness.

Recipe for cooking burgers in oven

Here’s the recipe for cooking burgers in the oven that I like to use.

  1. Place a roasting rack on a baking dish.
  2. Stir together the ground beef, mustard, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a bowl. You can also add tabasco and Worchestershire sauce to the mixture. By seasoning the beef generously, you ensure that the burger will come out delicious regardless of the toppings used later.
  3. Place the patties on the rack and bake them in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. If you want to add cheese, remove the burger patties from the oven 3 minutes earlier. Cover them with cheese and bake until the desired doneness is reached and the cheese gets melted.

How to cook burgers in oven fast?

Turn on convection

When it comes to speeding up the baking process, convection is the method that always works. Just turn on the convection fan and let it do its job. The patties will reach the needed temperature a bit faster that usual with the circulated hot air around it.

Slice the patty

Also, the thinner the beef patty, the shorter the cooking time. You can make two thin patties instead of a thick one, if baking speed matters so much.

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Tips to make better burgers

While generously seasoned burger patties make delicious hamburgers on their own, you can add  your favorite toppings any time. Depending on what toppings you choose, you can make the burger richer, creamier, crunchier, sweeter, saltier. You can add layers of piquant flavors, or balance out the savoriness of the beef with something mild-smelling. If you love fluffy hamburgers, after building your burger, wrap the entire burger in aluminum foil and steam it in the oven for 2-3 minutes. It will come out extremely soft and yummy.

FAQs on Baking burgers

At what temperature to cook the burger to?

The burger patty needs to cook to an internal temperature of 145 degrees F to achieve medium well doneness. If you like the patty to be firmer and juicer, it has to be cooked until it reach an internal temp of 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long to cook burgers at 350 degrees?

It takes 25 minutes to cook burger patty in oven at 350 degrees. This gives you a burger patty that is succulent and tender inside, with a moist smooth exterior.