How Long To Cook Sausage In Air Fryer?

Who doesn’t love sausages? Although simple, they are a dish that few can resist, whether it’s sausages for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many people like to fry them in oil but not everyone likes to have oily food. And air fryer will come to mind when it comes to cooking with minimal or no oil at all. The question is this. Can you air fry sausages? Yes, you can cook sausages in air fryer and it’s really easy, especially without the oily mess. When you cook air fried sausages, the air fryer time and temp will determine the result you get. I like to cook my sausages at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. But how long to cook sausage in air fryer? In this guide, I like to answer this and share tips on how to air fry sausages.

How Long To Cook Sausage In Air Fryer?

Generally, normal sized sausages should take around 10 to 12 minutes in total to be cooked in the air fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. We’ll know they’re ready when we can see they’re brown on the outside and cooked through to the middle. To check the middle, simply cut into the sausage and we can tell it’s ready when it’s firm. But if it’s still pink and has juices running from it, you will need to leave them in the air fryer for a little longer. To make sure, check the temperature with a meat thermometer and it will be ready when you see the sausage internal temperature reach 160 degrees F in the middle.

How To Air Fry Different Types of Sausages?

It doesn’t matter what type of sausages we cook, whether it be pork, beef, turkey, or lamb, all sausages should take around the same amount of time when we cook them in an air fryer if they’re the same size and thickness. However, while the average sausage takes 10 to 12 minutes to prepare, a range of sausages can be cooked using the air fryer. And some others can take a little shorter or longer to cook, depending on the type. For example, smaller varieties such as cocktail sausages and pigs in blankets should have a cooking time of 8 minutes in an air fryer at a temperature of 350 degrees F and would cook even faster at 400 degrees F. Larger sausages, for example, the German Bratwurst and the Italian sausages, would need to be cooked in the air fryer for up to 15 minutes at 350 degrees F to make sure it’s ready for us to enjoy, which again means slightly more time when compared to cooking at 400 degrees F. When they’re golden brown on the outside and not pink on the inside when split, it’s time for us to tuck in and enjoy!

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How to cook sausage in air fryer?

Although there are many types of sausages, the steps to air fry the sausages are generally the same, except for the cooking time involved. And here are the steps we should follow on how to air fry sausages in the air fryer.

  1. Preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Place the sausages in an air fryer basket or on the tray. Make sure they’re placed in a single layer to allow the air to flow properly and give the desired taste and texture that we want. The sausages will still be fine if they’re touching.
  3. Start cooking, flipping halfway through and for the desired cooking time depending on your sausage as mentioned above. Once they turn well-browned and cooked in the middle, the sausages are ready and it’s time to eat. Serve the sausages and enjoy!

Can i cook frozen sausages in air fryer?

Sometimes, we may just forget about defrosting the sausages until we are ready to cook some. But there’s not enough time to let the frozen sausages to thaw. So can we air fry frozen sausages? And thankfully, we can cook the frozen sausages in the air fryer without thawing. Just that it takes longer.

How long to cook frozen sausages in an air fryer?

The total cook time should take a little longer than when cooking from fresh and should take around 12 minutes for normal-sized frozen sausages to be cooked in the air fryer. The extra time is for the sausages to thaw in the air fryer heat.

How to cook frozen sausages in air fryer?

When cooking from frozen, we’ll need to start them off at a low heat and increase the temperature to medium.  For the first six minutes, cook the frozen sausages at around 320 degrees F before increasing the temperature to around 360 degrees F for the last six minutes to finish them off. This should give the sausages the perfect taste and texture and should taste just the same as sausages that are prepared from fresh.

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How Long to Reheat Leftover Sausages in an Air Fryer?

If we have leftover sausages, we can just cook them in an air fryer. Below are the steps for reheating the sausages in an air fryer.

  1. Set the air fryer to the desired temperature of 350 degrees F.
  2. Place sausages in the air fryer basket and heat them. They should only take around 4 to 5 minutes to be cooked.
  3. When ready, prepare them for eating.

Dipping sauces for sausages

Sausages are already full of flavor of the meat in it and really don’t need any sauce to add on the flavors. But we can always do better when we put them in some nice dipping sauces that we like. And here’s my favorite sauces for sausages

Tomato sauce

When it comes to sausages, I like to add this classic sauce to get the acidity and sweetness flavors infused with the meat flavors.

Spaghetti sauce

I love adding sausages with spaghetti. And when I’m having this dish, I like to add spaghetti sauce on the sausage and I like to use this homemade recipe for this.

Vodka sauce

Vodka sauce is another of my favorite dipping sauce for sausages. It gives a bright and sharp flavors to the meat.


Final Words

Whether we choose to cook sausages in oven, a pan, or air fryer, they’re a tasty food to be enjoyed. Using an air fryer allows for a quick and easy way to cook our sausages. Whether from fresh or frozen, they’ll still taste great! Always remember to check the guidelines set out here for cooking temperatures and times when preparing sausages in an air fryer.