How Long To Bake Cookies At 350 Degrees In The Oven?

Have you ever wondered just how long you should bake your deliciously crafted cookies in the oven? This is a question that doesn’t have a direct answer. It all depends on the type of cookies you are baking. Different time lengths will be recommended for baking different styles of cookies. But one thing for sure is the baking temperature should be at 350 degrees. So now the question is just this. How long to bake cookies at 350 degrees in the oven?

How Long To Bake Cookies At 350 Degrees In The Oven?

It takes between 8-20 minutes to bake cookies at 350 degrees in the oven. And just how does one determine which time amount to land upon? – Let’s find out! There are three general things to consider when determining how long to bake your cookies are the type of cookie you are making, the size of your cookie, and the consistency/texture of your dough.

Baking Time for Different Types of Cookies

There are five general types of cookies: molded cookies, drop cookies, rolled cookies, pressed cookies, and barred cookies. In order to determine the best baking length you must first consider your type of cookie as well as your desired outcome.

Molded cookies

Molded cookies have a shape that is either hand molded or molded with a cookie cutter. These bad boys require a baking time of about 15 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees. For best results these cookies need to hold their shape. In order to accomplish this try chilling the dough slightly before baking. You can speed up your process by making slightly smaller than average sized cookie molds. This would require less baking time as well. It’s best to err on the side of caution when playing around with different sizes so always check your cookies a little bit throughout the time process and make sure you are getting the general color you want before determining your perfect bake time.

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Drop cookies

Drop cookies are the easiest as you can take an ice cream scoop and just drop a scoop onto your cookie tray and let them bake. These are the perfect cookies to make with your children as they are so easy to make! Drop cookies take about 12-16 minutes to cook at 350 degrees. Drop cookies may not be the prettiest cookie but they do have a gooey center that most taste buds crave. If you want your cookies on the softer and gooey-er side then bake them for less time. On the contrary, bake the cookies for longer if you prefer a fuller and thicker taste.

Rolled cookies

Rolled cookies are rolled out and then molded before baking and require around 12 minutes to bake.

Tip: In order to avoid your dough sticking to your roller make sure that you put some flour on your roller.

Rolled cookies tend to have a stiffer dough and include your sugar and shortbread cookie types. For a firmer cookie here cook closer to 12 minutes. If you are trying to save some time and enjoy a slight squish to your bite, then cook for slightly less time.

Pressed cookies

Pressed cookies require using a cookie press and take about 8 minutes to bake. But you can remove them once you see the edge browning. You can expect a crumbly cookie with intricate designs when using this method. After baking, you will want to chill these cookies in order that they maintain their shape. Consider making these fun cookies when trying to impress your friends or family at a party and enjoy a fancy dessert for half the price!

bar cookies

Finally, there are bar cookies which are made in a tray similar to how brownies would be made. You would cut the cookies into even slices once fully baked. These cookies are soft but very thick. If you want to save some time and enjoy a slightly gooey center then consider baking these for less time. Bar cookies are great for those large events when you just need to feed a lot of people as you can really manipulate the size of the cookie without compromising the bake time.

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What cookies should I make?

Ultimately, if you are crunched on time you should consider making drop cookies as they overall have the least amount of steps and therefore take the least amount of time from start to finish, especially if you like your cookies on the gooey-er side. When you have time to kill and want to practice your fancy cooking making skills, consider trying pressed or rolled cookies. And for a classic solid stand-by you can always rely on molded and bar cookies to be a hit!

Baking Cookies in the oven

In summary, there is no one best time to bake cookies at 350 degrees in the oven. However, there is a best cooking time for each type of cookie that you are making. Whenever you find the perfect cookie recipe don’t forget to save it or write it down for future use, and feel free to comment your favorite cookie recipes here!