How long to cook country-style ribs in oven at 350?

Country style pork ribs are a perfect dish for weeknight dinners and backyard parties. My kids simply love these pork ribs as they are boneless. It’s easy to make this dish. It can be prepared using our trusted oven. The temperature commonly used is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking timing is critical to achieve a good result. So here’s the question. How long to cook country-style ribs in oven at 350 degrees? In this post, we like to share the answer as well as other tips to prepare this dish.

How long to cook country-style ribs in oven at 350?

It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to cook country-style ribs in oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This combination of temp and cooking time renders the pork meat tender and preserves its juices. Pork is edible when it reaches  a internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit but the meat is not fall-apart tender yet. To make the rib meat extremely delicate, bring them up to the internal temperature of 160 degrees F.

What are other temp to bake country-style pork ribs in the oven?

You can bake country style pork ribs at a higher temperature to get them more crispy. For 400 degrees, cook the ribs for 1 hour. You will receive a good balance of crispiness and tenderness. If you choose 425 degrees F, the bake time should be around 45 minutes. This temperature is a bit tricky because it provides a sharp contrast of heat concentration between the interior and exterior of the ribs. That is, even if you see a solid brown crust, the flesh may be still pink and chewy. You may need to alternate 425 degrees with a lower temperature to avoid the unbalanced cooking. Aside from intense cooking, you can slow cook country style pork ribs. Heat the oven to just 225 degrees Fahrenheit and let the pieces bake for 5 hours, basting and turning them at 1 to 1.5-hour intervals.

What temperature to cook boneless country-style ribs in the oven?

We have a soft spot for slow cooking as it provides the most tender fall-off-the-bone meat. The main disadvantage of this method is long cooking time. In case of country style pork ribs, you need to wait up to 5 hours until the desired doneness is achieved. Not the best option if the guests arrive soon or dinner time is around the corner. So if we had to choose a temperature that both renders the ribs tender and delicious and provides a faster cooking time, it would be 350 degrees.

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How to cook country-style pork ribs in the oven?

Here’s the recipe to cook country-style pork ribs in the oven.

  1. Start by trimming off the white membrane, as it is tough, chewy and prevents the flavor of seasonings from entering the meat.
  2. Rub the ribs with a mix of salt, pepper, paprika, mustard, and garlic powder. Feel free to add your favorite spices to the mix. For example, we prefer rosemary and thyme.
  3. Place a roasting rack on a baking sheet. Arrange the ribs on the rack and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Flip them over in the middle of the process. If you want to sauce the country style ribs, remove them from the oven after 1 hour of baking, brush them with the sauce and bake for another 15-20 minutes.

How to cook country-style ribs in the oven fast?

Activate Convection In The oven

The safest way to speed up the process is to use the convection feature to circulate the hot air around the pork. This feature doesn’t use extreme temperatures, so you can be sure that your pork ribs will not turned out burned or dried out. The accelerated circulation of air enabled by the convection fan helps to cook the meat faster and more evenly.

Broil the country ribs in the oven

If you love tough and brown crust, activate the broiler for 5-6 minutes to cut down the baking time and get crispier ribs.

How to season the country-style ribs better?

To make the country style pork ribs more flavorful, we suggest you to marinate them. Combine olive oil, ketchup, minced garlic, soy sauce, oregano, rosemary, chili and black pepper in a pan. Place the ribs in the pan, cover with the lid, and let them marinate overnight in the refrigerator. On the next day, the ribs will burst with flavors making your mouth watery.

What to serve with country-style pork ribs?

You can brighten up country-style pork ribs with a variety of side dishes. You can prepare a pot of mashed potatoes and a green salad while the ribs are baking. Roasted vegetables and homemade pickles are also good companions for this rich and filling ribs. If you are looking for something mild to attenuate the savory flavors of ribs, try melty cheddar tomatoes or mac and cheese. Both dishes will add a pleasant creamy hint to the salty and spicy meat.

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FAQs on cooking country-style pork ribs in the oven

What is the internal temperature for country-style ribs  when done?

Pork meat is edible when it reaches a internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the meat is not fall-apart tender yet. To make the country-style ribs extremely delicate with meat that falls off the bone easily, it has to reach the internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature probe should be taken at the thickest part of the meat.

How long to cook boneless country-style ribs in oven at 325 degrees?

It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to cook country-style ribs in oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a tender and juicy pork ribs.

Where do country-style ribs come from?

Country-style ribs comes from the fatty and muscular part of the pig’s shoulder. This piece of shoulder meat is usually cut into half along its length and hence are boneless. However, they may still contain small bones from the shoulder.

Can you smoke country style ribs?

Yes. You can smoke country-style ribs using slow cooking at low temperatures of 225 to 240 degrees Fahrenheit for about 5 hours. At 1 hour intervals, you can baste and turn the ribs  to allow the meat to cook more evenly.

Are country style ribs same as pork ribs?

No. Country style ribs are not the same as pork ribs. Country style ribs are not ribs despite having ribs in its name. They are actually meat from the shoulder area of the pig. This part of the meat is fatty and muscular. On the other hand, pork ribs are from the rib cage of the pig and tend to have leaner meat and less fat.

Why are my country style ribs tough?

This is normally caused by overcooking which typically happens at high temperatures of 400 degrees and above.  At these temperatures, the meat dries out easily.

How to make tender country-style ribs?

To make tender and juicy country-style ribs, cook it at temperatures of 350 degrees and below.  This lower temperatures help to preserve the juices in the meat, resulting in a tender ribs with meat that falls off the bones as you bite them.