How Long To Cook Boneless Pork Ribs In Oven At 350?

Boneless pork ribs is my younger son’s favorite dish. It’s tender and easy to eat. I typically use the oven to cook this dish. The temperature I like to use is 350 degrees. The cook time is crucial here for a good result. Now you may ask this. How long to cook boneless pork ribs in oven at 350 degrees? In this post, I like to share the answer to this question and other tips for oven-baked boneless pork ribs.

How long to cook boneless pork ribs in oven at 350 degrees?

It takes 1 hours to cook boneless pork ribs in oven at 350 degrees. This time is enough for the meat to reach delightful tenderness while not losing its juices. If you want a little more crisp and a firmer meat, let the ribs bake for extra 5 minutes or turn on the broiler after 50 minutes of baking. Make sure the ribs don’t get dry and rubbery by checking their internal temperature near the end of the cooking time. You want to see a maximum of only 145 degrees F on the thermometer screen before removing them from the oven.

What are other temp to bake boneless pork ribs in the oven?

Another common temperature to produce super tender boneless pork ribs is to bake them at 325 degrees F. It will take a little longer at 1 hour and 15 minutes but the result will not disappoint you. At 325 degrees, the ribs are fall-apart tender and abound with juices but do not come with a crisp exterior. If you want the ribs to come out crispy and crunchy, you can choose the dual temperature cooking method. Start by baking the ribs at 425 degrees for 20 minutes to render them a crust, then lower the temperature to 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. You can also slow cook the boneless pork ribs at 300 degrees for 2 hours or longer depending on the thickness of the ribs. The result is a moist, soft and flavorful meat that melts in your mouth.

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Which temperature do you cook boneless pork ribs in the oven?

If you look for a balance between crisp and tenderness, your go-to option is 350 degrees. Another reason we love this option is a relatively short cooking time. One hour is a perfect time frame for cooking some delicious side dishes while the ribs bake. Now it depends a lot on the preferences of your family and guests which temperature goes better for your ribs. Crisp fans are best off with intense cooking at high temperatures while crisp haters won’t find a method better than slow cooking.

Recipe for baking boneless pork ribs in the oven

Here’s the recipe to cook boneless pork ribs in the oven.

  1. Line a baking sheet or casserole dish with aluminum foil and spray the foil with cooking spray to prevent sticking.
  2. Season the ribs with salt, pepper, minced garlic, and aromatic herbs as desired. Place onion rings around the ribs. They will add flavor to the melted fat and juices released in the baking sheet during baking. You can use this flavorful liquid to braise the ribs later.
  3. Wrap the pork ribs in aluminum foil and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove from the oven, take the foil off, and braise. Braising will prevent the meat from drying and add a layer of flavor, so don’t skip this step. If you like it, you can brush the ribs with barbecue sauce. Then continue baking the ribs without any foil covered for another 30 minutes or until the desired tenderness is reached.

How to cook boneless pork ribs in the oven fast?

Use Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is one of the best ways to speed up the preparation of boneless pork ribs. Just make sure you don’t keep the ribs covered throughout the entire baking process as it will deprive the meat of crisp.

Use Broiler

Broiling is also a solution. Turn on the broiler when 2/3 of baking time has passed. You don’t want to expose the ribs to extreme temperatures for too long.

What to serve with boneless pork ribs?

Boneless pork ribs go well with a creamy coleslaw, baked beans with bacon, and cheddar tomatoes. Grilled veggies and pickles are great option to level up the taste of the savory ribs. If you are not in the mood to cook sophisticated side dishes, you can work on simple recipes like mashed potatoes, mac and cheese or green salad. If you have enough time and wish to dedicate some time for side dishes, you can make stuffed peppers, mushroom soup or scalloped potatoes. They are filling, tasty, and round up boneless ribs perfectly.

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FAQs on Cooking boneless pork ribs

What is internal temperature for the boneless pork ribs when done?

The boneless pork ribs are done at the internal temperature of 145 degree Fahrenheit and is considered medium-rare at this temp. If you like fully well done, the internal temp for boneless pork ribs must reach 160 degree Fahrenheit. Note this temperature should be probed at the thickest part of the meat where it takes longest to cook.

What are boneless pork ribs?

Many people confuse boneless pork ribs as ribs. They are not ribs. They are actually from the pork shoulder which is boneless. This meat is cut lengthwise into thin pieces which look like ribs.

How to bake the boneless pork ribs extra crispy and tender inside?

Use a mix of high temperature and low temperatures to bake the boneless pork ribs to extra crispy on the outside and tender inside.  Here’s how to do it. Start with 450 degrees and cook for 15  minutes. This high temperature will form the crust on the ribs. Then use a lower cooking temperature of 350 degrees to bake it for 30 minutes. This lower temperature will cook the meat tender. If you like even crispy crust, activate the broiler towards the end of the baking for 6 to 8 minutes.

How to bake the boneless pork ribs tender without crispy?

You can get this result by cooking the boneless pork ribs at a lower temperature of 300 degrees in the oven for 2 hours. The long cook time will render a flavorful ribs with fall off the bone meat.