How Long To Cook St Louis Ribs In Oven At 250 Degrees Fahrenheit?

If you’re thinking of how to celebrate the weekend, I have the answer for you. Barbeque Party! Nothing beats a good barbeque party, and every BBQ party is never complete without ribs! If you’re thinking of St. Louis Ribs right now, then you read my mind. There’s just no going wrong with perfectly cooked ribs in St Louis cut! Serving this at your weekend BBQ party will make your family and friends wish that it’s always weekend! I love slow cooking St Louis Ribs in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. A common question I get is this. How long to cook St Louis ribs in oven at 250 degrees? Let’s cover the answer in this guide as well as tips for perfecting the recipe for slow cooked St Louis ribs in oven.

How Long To Cook St Louis Ribs In Oven At 250 Degrees?

It takes 4 hours to cook St. Louis Ribs in the oven at 250 degrees with the ribs wrapped in foil. This slow cooking will break down all the connective tissues in the meat, giving you an immensely flavorful meat that is tender and fall off the bone.  Also, your key for internal temperature would be 145-150 degrees! Make sure that the thickest part of your ribs read 145-150 degrees!

How to cook St Louis Ribs in the oven?

St. Louis Ribs is one of my fave cuts of ribs. St. Louis ribs simply mean that the ribs are cut in a way that the sternum, cartilage, and rib tips are removed. This makes the ribs look so neat and rectangular. Aside from being less expensive than baby back, I also choose St. Louis cuts because it’s a lot more flavorful and tender when cooked to perfection. There are many recipes for St. Louis Ribs. But I like to use this easy recipe. And here’s how to cook St Louis ribs in the oven.

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1 Make St Louis Ribs Dry Rub

You just have to make a spice dry rub for marinading the ribs in for at least 20 minutes before popping it in the oven. Your spice rub can simply be a mix of salt, pepper, brown sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne, paprika, oregano, and a handful of barbeque sauce.

2 Arrange and cover with foil

After letting the St Louis ribs sit in the marinade, arrange them with butter slices and pieces of rosemary evenly distributed on the tray, and cover everything with foil.

3 Bake

Let the ribs bake for around 4 hours until the meat becomes tender. Once tender, remove the foil and brush the ribs with barbeque sauce once again. Then, pop it in the oven for around 15-20 more minutes until the sauce starts to caramelize and turn slightly darker in color. Once that’s done, then you’re done! You can serve your simple yet astonishingly scrumptious ribs to the party!

How to cook St Louis Ribs in the oven Fast?

Honestly, who wouldn’t want ribs for lunch? Ribs, especially St. Louis cuts are just yummmm! And, sometimes, even my tummy can’t wait to eat it right away. So, if you have impatient tummies to feed, here are ways you can quicken up cooking St. Louis Ribs.

Longer Thaw for the St Louis Ribs

If your ribs came from your fridge, sometimes thawing the meat is what takes time. So, make sure to take out the ribs at least a few hours before you start cooking them so that they can thaw thoroughly, and things will go smoother and faster when you cook later on!

Marinate the St Louis Ribs Overnight

You may also choose to marinate your ribs the day before, so that, on the actual day you’re going to eat them, you simply have to thaw them and pop them in the oven! This also helps the ribs absorb more of that flavor from the marinade, so, that’s a plus too!

What goes well with St Louis ribs?

If you’re going to be serving beautiful St. Louis Ribs, I’m sure all of your friends and family will now always look forward to BBQ parties. I mean, your whole neighborhood might even come too! So, why not wow them even more by taking your St. Louis Ribs up a notch?

Side Dishes for St Louis Ribs

BBQ is nothing without its sides. Sides will make your ribs so much better! Some sides that go well with ribs would be classic fries, salad, or even corn is good!

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Make your BBQ Sauce

Nothing is a greater level up than adding a greater personal touch to your dish. Making your barbeque sauce for your St. Louis Ribs can take things to the next level!

Up the Herbs and Spices

Make your ribs more flavorful! You can add more herbs like rosemary, and cilantro, and even spices like brown mustard, nutmeg, and cumin seeds, to elevate the flavors of your ribs!


Yay for Barbeque! Yay for St. Louis Ribs! That’s all you need to know to perfect your St. Louis rib cuts! I hope this can help you prepare for your best barbeque weekend party yet! Enjoy your ribs!

FAQs on Oven baked St Louis Ribs

Are St Louis Ribs pork or beef?

St Louis ribs are pork. It is cut from the ribs at the pig’s belly which has a lot more meat with a breastbone and lot of connective tissue. The breast bone and connective tissues are normally trimmed away, leaving behind the tender meat.

Are St Louis ribs spare ribs?

St Louis ribs are not exactly spare ribs. They do come from the spare ribs. However, they are a trimmed down version of the spare ribs and they are normally cut into a rectangle shape, which makes it easy to cook and eat.

What is the difference between St Louis ribs vs baby back ribs?

St Louis ribs are cut from ribs at the pig’s belly but baby back ribs are from the ribs at the loin on the pig’s long back. Baby back ribs are shorter than St Louis ribs and also have lesser meat. In terms of taste, St Louis ribs are more flavorful than baby back ribs because of the higher fat content.

What is St Louis ribs internal temp when done?

For a fully cooked St Louis ribs, the internal temperature has to reached 145 degrees Fahrenheit. This  temperature should be taken at the thicker part of the meat since it takes longer to cook.