How Long To Bake Corn On The Cob At 350?

There are very few vegetables that can serve as both the side dish and the main course as well as corn on the cob can. While many don’t see corn on the cob as main dish material, this vegetable functions as a great snack that can satisfy all your cravings. I like to bake corn on the cob in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For a great result, the corn on the cob cook time is a key factor. And I often get this question. How long to bake corn on the cob at 350 degrees in the oven? In this post, I like to cover this and tips for perfecting the recipe for corn on the cob oven roasted.

How Long To Bake Corn On The Cob At 350?

You will need 30 minutes to bake corn on the cob at 350 degrees in the  oven. This cooking time is regardless whether you use foil or without foil. This is because foil only helps to cook the contents more evenly but it won’t help to cut down cooking time. At this temperature, the appetizing oven roasted corn in the cob is bound to impress your dinner guests.

Should I oven roast corn on the cob with foil or without foil?

If you decide to cook corn on the cob in the oven without foil, you can expect a crisp and firm corn kernels. This doesn’t mean it will be crunchy like a chip, but the kernels will not be soft. If you roast corn on the cob with foil, your corn on the cob will be softer and juicier. Using foil helps to retain moisture while cooking the corn thoroughly. Whether you choose to use foil or not, cooking at 350 degrees will result in a mouthful of flavorful kernels in every bite.

How to tell when corn on the cob is done?

The corn on the cob is done when you see the corn kernel swollen plump and shiny. And if you are not using foil, you will see some brown corn kernels too. However, if you are using foil, then towards the end of the baking, you have to peel off the foil to check.

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What are other temperatures for cooking corn on the cob in the oven?

Corn on the cob is best cooked at 350 degrees. But there are other temperatures that you can cook corn at for different results. And the results depends whether you use foil or not.

Cooking corn on the cob in oven without foil

If you aren’t using foil to cook corn, you will already be getting a crisp and firm corn kernels when cooking at 350 degrees. But if you increase to a higher temperature cooking the corn without foil, let’s say 375 degrees, you have to worry about it burning. The higher temperature can end up charring the corn kernels, so cook for less time if you choose this option. Cooking without foil at 325 degrees will mean a longer cook time for your corn on the cob, but the corn kernels will not be as crisp.

Baking corn on the cob in oven with foil

If you are baking corn on cob with foil, cooking at 375 degrees will cause your corn to dry out faster, so make sure to bake it for less time. On the other hand, if you cook with foil at 325 degrees, you will still have juicy corn, but the time will increase, thus meaning you have to wait longer to enjoy your food.

What temperature to cook corn in oven?

The best temperature to cook corn on the cob at is 350 degrees for 30 minutes, this temperature works great with and without foil. Cooking at too high of a temperature will result in dry corn that is potentially burnt. Too low of a temperature will take longer to cook, which can be especially devastating when you’re hungry. If you want the perfect temperature that will result in award worthy, delicious corn, use 350 degrees for baking for 30 minutes.

How to cook corn on the cob in the oven without foil?

There are many recipes for corn on the cob oven baked. However, I just like to stick this one easy corn on the cob recipe for oven cooking. And here’s how to cook corn on the cob without foil.

1 Get Ingredients

Go to the store and buy fresh corn, butter, seasonings, parchment paper.

2 Clean corn on cob

Remove the husks and silks from the corn on the cob and rinse with water.

3 Add seasoning to corn on cob

Mix butter and seasonings into a bowl. You can add seasonings like salt, pepper, paprika, and other seasonings you want to add according to your taste! Coat the corn on cob with the seasoning mix.

4 Arrange

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Contrary to most recipes, I do not use foil as I like crispy corn, so I like to expose the corn to the oven heat to get them crispy.

Tip: If you like softer and juicy corn, wrap the corn in the cob in foil at this point and place on the baking sheet

5 Bake

Set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake the corn on cob for 30 minutes.Take out and enjoy!

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How to cook corn fast?

If you are looking for a quick snack, or an easy side for dinner, the corn on the cob is the perfect option for you. Keep in mind though that there is some work that goes into preparing this vegetable. In order to shorten the process, make sure you do all your prep beforehand. Corn needs to be shucked and the silk needs to be removed before baking, this is where most of the prep time comes from. Remove the corn husks and silk from all the corn you purchase and freeze any that you won’t be eating soon. Shucked corn will only last around 1-3 days, so make sure to keep this in mind during the process. So to save yourself some time, remove the husks and silks from all the corns you purchase and freeze any that you want to use later. Refer to how to freeze corn on the cob for the detailed steps.

What goes with corn on the cob?

Corn on the cob is a vegetable that can be enjoyed by everyone in its simplest form with little to no complaints, but believe it or not, it can actually be even tastier.

Add spice for corn on the cob

Depending on your preferences, you can season your corn with hotter spices, like cayenne or creole.

Add cheese

You can also sprinkle on some parmesan cheese to make a more exciting dinner experience.

Add corn on cob as a side for meals

Of course, you can also add oven roasted corn on the cob as a side dish for meals if you want something a bit more filling than just corn on the cob. Some great options include steak and rice or a burger with fries.

Final words on oven cooking corn on the cob

Most people see corn on the cob and think that it’s a pretty basic vegetable, but that’s not true. This sweet and juicy dish has so much potential to be the star of every meal, so grab some corn on the cob and cook it to see exactly what all the hype is about.