How Long To Bake Lamb Shoulder Chops At 375?

Are you looking for great recipes to cook and serve for today’s dinner? Or maybe, you’re simply looking for something that can change and turn things up! Either way, I’ve got the answer for you: lamb! Unlike your ever-so-common meats like chicken, pork, or beef, lamb is another great piece of protein that can simply be a delight in your mouth! My favorite cut of lamb will always be lamb shoulder chops, and I tell you, they’re amazing. There’s simply no going wrong with lamb, and everyone at your dinner table is bound to enjoy it! For best results, you have to watch the lamb shoulder chop cook temp and cook time closely. And I always get this question. How long to bake lamb shoulder chops at 375 degrees? In this guide, I like to answer this question and share other tips on perfecting the recipe for lamb shoulder chops baked in oven.

How Long To Bake Lamb Shoulder Chops At 375?

In an oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, your lamb shoulder chops only need 4-16 minutes, depending on how well you want them to be! 14-16 minutes for well done lamb shoulder, 6-8 minutes for medium-well, and around 4 minutes for rare to medium-rare lamb shoulder.

Sear lamb shoulder first

If you’re wondering why it takes such a short amount of time, it’s because we don’t cook the chops in the oven alone. It’s better to sear the lamb shoulder first before popping them in the oven! Searing lamb shoulder for rare to medium-rare takes 2 minutes per side and 4-6 minutes per side if you want medium-well to well done.

Increase cooking temp for lamb shoulder

Since you’re cooking the lamb shoulder twice, it’s better to let them cook in the oven faster and raise the cooking temp to 400 degrees! This way, it cooks faster without the lamb getting tough from staying too long in the oven. But, the real key would always be the lamb shoulder internal temperature! Make sure the internal temp for the lamb shoulder hits at least 145 degrees for medium-rare and up to 170 degrees for well done!

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How to cook lamb shoulder chops in the oven?

Baking lamb shoulder chops, actually don’t require much as it all lies in cooking it right! So, prepping lamb shoulder chops are quite simple, but despite the simplicity, it’s such bliss in the mouth. There may be many recipes for lamb shoulder oven baked. But I only follow this one easy recipe for lamb shoulder. And here’s how to cook lamb shoulder chops in the oven.

1 Prepare seasoning for lamb shoulder

Mix in a bowl lemon, garlic, oregano, rosemary, some olive oil, salt, pepper, and other seasonings you want to add!

2 Marinate the lamb shoulder

Then marinate your lamb shoulder chops in the seasonings. Keep the lamb shoulder in the marinade for about an hour or so. do keep them chilled in the fridge while marinating.

3 Sear the lamb shoulder

After marinating is done, simply sear each side of the lamb shoulder on an oven-proof skillet and let both sides brown.

4 Bake

Once you’re done with searing, simply remove the skillet from heat and pop it in a preheated oven to the duration needed for your desired doneness! Let the chops rest for about 3 minutes, then simply serve. So delicious, I’m telling you.

How to cook lamb shoulder in oven fast?

Lamb shoulder chops are simply mouth-watering. Even I can’t wait to have one later tonight! Maybe, even some of your guests can’t wait to try your lamb shoulder too. So, if you need to serve plates quicker, or if you simply want to save some time, here’s what you can do.

Thaw it early

Thawing your lamb shoulder chops properly is essential in cooking your lamb to perfection. Because it would ruin the lamb shoulder to rush the thawing, it’s better to take them out a few hours before you cook it, so that you won’t have to rush by the time you need to cook it, and you’re still cooking your lambs to perfection!

Marinate lamb shoulder chops overnight

Another thing you can do is already marinate your lamb shoulder the night before you start cooking them. This way, all you need to do before dinner is pop the chops in the oven. Just keep them chilled in the fridge overnight as they marinate and your chops will be as good as ever.

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Raise the cook temp

Instead of 375, baking your lamb shoulder chops at 400 degrees will make things faster and it will save you some time. So, if you’re in a rush to finish cooking your chops, make sure to choose the higher temp option.

What goes with lamb shoulder chops?

Tasty. Amazing. Delicious. Perfection. You just can’t go wrong with lamb shoulder chops! Serving this at any occasion will definitely make your guests’ mouth water even just by the smell or visuals of it. So, why not level it up and make your guests in awe even more? If you want to take your chops up a notch, here’s what you can do.

Try different sauces for lamb shoulder

While lamb shoulder chops are already good in their bare minimum, it’s always nice to turn things up with new seasonings and sauces. Try sauces like garlic-herb, rosemary-gravy, and many more!

Try other cooking methods

Changing cooking methods can bring new flavors to your lamb shoulder too! Try grilling for a lot more smokiness, while try pure pan-searing for more juicy and buttery flavors!

Add sides for lamb shoulder

Your lamb shoulder will never be complete without sides. Whether a choice of brussel sprouts, rice, or even garlic roasted radishes, these side dishes all go great with your perfectly cooked lamb shoulder!

Finals words on oven baked lamb shoulder

Lamb shoulders are simply the best! It’s pretty quick and simple to make, yet, its taste never fails to pull through! It’s a mouth watering delight that will make your guests keep wanting for more! I hope this can help you prep your lamb shoulder chops to absolute perfection and that you and your guests can have a delightful dinner over tasty chops. Bon appetite!