How Long To Cook Pernil In Oven At 300 Degrees Per Pound?

Are you looking for new dishes to serve at your party or gathering? Something that’s not usually thought of, but is a pure delight? Then, I’m sure pernil is your answer. Pernil is not the first thing you think of serving at a party (unless it’s a part of your culture), but this dish will definitely make your already great party even better! This Puerto-Rican roast pork shoulder is just perfect for parties and family gatherings, and I’m sure it’s the first plate your guests will clear! It’s usually served during Christmas and holidays, but of course, you’re free to enjoy pernil anytime you want! I like to slow roast pernil in the oven. And the pernil cook time and temp are important for a great result. One popular question I get is this. How long to cook pernil in oven at 300 degrees per pound? I like to share my answer and tips to perfecting the recipe for oven baked pernil.

How Long To Cook Pernil In Oven At 300 Degrees Per Pound?

For meats like pernil, it mostly depends on how big and how heavy your pork is! A general idea would be to cook the pernil in the oven at 300 degrees for 45 minutes per pound. So, for a 5 lb pernil, it will take 3 hours and 45 minutes. For a 7 lb pernil, it will take 5 and a half hours, while a 10 lb pernil will take around 7 and a half hours.

What temperature to bake pernil at in the oven?

Although 300 degrees is already a safe temperature to cook your meat in, it’s actually better to raise your temperature a bit to 350 degrees, to make sure that the heat is hot enough to cook through your meat. For 350 degrees, it will take around 35 minutes per pound to cook pernil in the oven. However, it’s best not to go anywhere beyond 350 degrees because hotter temperatures have a greater tendency to overcook the meat and make it tough and dry. So, for juicy, perfectly roasted pernil, 350 is your magic number! Also, don’t forget to check the pernil internal temperature which should be around 185-200 degrees, for absolute perfection!

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How to make pernil in the oven?

It actually doesn’t take much to prepare pernil because your oven does most of the job. There are really a lot of recipes for pernil baked in oven. However, I have a preference for just this easy pernil recipe. And here’s how to make pernil in the oven.

1. Cut pockets

All you need to do is to first cut slits on your meat, which can serve as pockets for your marinade paste.

2 Add seasoning for pernil

Then, simply make a seasoning paste out of vinegar, olive oil, mashed garlic, onion powder, adobo, oregano, salt, pepper, some sofrito, and cilantro! Distribute your paste among the slits that you made, and simply let your meat marinate for at least 10 hours and at most 2-3 days. It’s also best you do this by putting your meat inside a plastic roasting bag and chilling it in the fridge as it marinates.

3 Bake

Then, after marinating the meat, simply put it out of the fridge and remove it from the plastic. Then pop it in the oven so that the oven can do its job. After cooking the meat all the way through, for crispy skin, simply sprinkle some salt on the skin of the pork and transfer it to a new, clean pan. Pop it back in the oven with a higher temperature (around 400 degrees), for at most an hour, just until you see the skin blister and hear it sizzle.

What is another good way to cook pernil?

If you don’t like slow roasting, you can also choose to smoke your pork shoulder! The preparations are the same, just the cooking methods are different, and either way, pernil will always be tasty! Doable, right! It doesn’t take much to prepare pernil but it’s such a great delight, which makes it even better.

How to cook pernil in oven fast?

Pernil is just mouthwatering and heavenly in every way. You just can’t go wrong with choosing pernil for any gathering or occasion. The waiting time and the need for patience are also part of its beauty. But, if you don’t have the time and you have to do things quickly, here are things you can do to rush pernil without ruining its beauty.

Marinate pernil ahead

Instead of marinating your meat on the day you’re going to serve it, you can save time by marinating your meat 1-2 days before the actual event, and just leaving the marinated meat in the fridge. This is also better as it adds more flavor to your pork!

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Make pernil ahead

You can also choose to cook your pernil ahead of time! The day before the gathering, you can already bake your pernil and just freeze it in the oven overnight. Just reheat it on the actual event to save some time!

Thaw your meat

Remember to always give enough time to thaw your meat. Hard, cold meat will always take more time to prep and cook. It will be hard to slice slits on it, and it will take much longer in the oven. So, make sure to thaw your meat.

What goes with pernil?

Mmm…pernil is just absolutely delicious. I’m sure you and your guests will be in awe of the pernil you served them! And I’m sure, they’ll continuously ask for more. So, why not take something great and make it even better? Here’s what you can do to take your pernil to the next level.

Add sauce for pernil

Classic roasted pernil is usually served dry. But, adding sauces can really elevate your dish! Whether that’s gravy or garlic, anything goes great with pernil.

Add side dishes for pernil

Of course, no dish is complete without its sides. Some sides that go great with pernil are mashed potatoes, a “bacon and greens” combination, and rice among many others.

Bring out the alcohol

Porks like pernil always go best with a glass of wine. Especially if you’re serving this during the holidays, the mix of wine and pernil will really bring out the holiday spirit. Some wines that go great with pernil are Amarone and Burgundy Chardonnay! For little kids, simply serve grape juice or other tangy fruit juices!


Pernil is just pure bliss in the mouth, and I’m sure all your guests will agree too, once they’ve tried your pernil. I hope this can help you perfect your pernil from the preparation to the serving. Enjoy your great pernil with good friends and family. Bon appetite!